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Alcatel-Lucent is one of the leading manufacturers of technology hardware and equipment. Being one of the largest research and development facilities in the communications industry enables Alcatel-Lucent to manufacturer high quality products including telephony and networking equipment.

We have in stock Alcatel phones including business phones, conference units, deskphones, IP and analogue phones and many more! We are also able to help if you are looking for Alcatel-Lucent optical transmission hardware. Modules, transceivers ,switches... at Ghekko, we have them all! Take a look and get in touch to request a quote. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Alcatel 3HE11282AA

Part number: 3HE11282AA

Alcatel Lucent OS6450-P48

Part number: OS6450-P48

Alcatel Lucent OS6602-48

Part number: OS6602-48

Alcatel Lucent 3AL81072AA

Part number: 3AL81072AA

Alcatel Lucent OS6850E-24

Part number: OS6850E-24

Alcatel Lucent 3HE09279AA

Part number: 3HE09279AA

Alcatel Lucent 1AB3753800 ...

Part number: 1AB375380003

Alcatel Lucent 3HE04743AA

Part number: 3HE04743AA

Alcatel Lucent 3HE04164AA

Part number: 3HE04164AA

Alcatel Lucent 3HE07158AA

Part number: 3HE07158AA

Alcatel Lucent OS6850-48

Part number: OS6850-48

Alcatel Lucent LNW59

Part number: LNW59

Alcatel Lucent OS6850E-48

Part number: OS6850E-48

Alcatel Lucent OS6400-48

Part number: OS6400-48

Alcatel Lucent 1AB3767200 ...

Part number: 1AB376720001

Alcatel Lucent LNW705

Part number: LNW705

Alcatel Lucent 3FE53441AC

Part number: 3FE53441AC

Alcatel Lucent 3HE01473AA

Part number: 3HE01473AA

Alcatel Lucent 3FE27796AD

Part number: 3FE27796AD

Alcatel Lucent 8DG59912AA

Part number: 8DG59912AA
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