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Our repair process

One of our core competencies is repairing your telecom equipment. In order to provide the best repair services, we run a stringent process. Our 3 facilities each include a repairing and testing lab staffed by OEM trained engineers and technicians. Their extensive knowledge of the telecom industry and manufacturers enables us to apply our expertise across a broad product range including phone systems, handsets, conference phones and optical transmission hardware.

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Inspection and testing

Your product is thoroughly inspected, tested and graded by our engineers and technicians.


The product goes to workshop. Our technicians change all failing components including power boards, lan filters and capacitors, down to component level.


After having been repaired, the unit goes through another testing phase. Our engineers and technicians ensure that it is perfectly functional at all levels


At Ghekko, we don't only repair, we make it look as good as new. Before it leaves our labs, the product is thoroughly cleaned.

Quality inspection

We inspect that all repairs have been perfectly conducted and that the product meets our quality standards.


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