Technical services

At Ghekko Technology, we have the expertise to offer a plethora of technical services. Our engineers are OEM-trained which enable us to provide high quality managed services for your optical transmission hardware. Please get in touch for any further questions or inquiries.

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Pre-staging & configuration

At Ghekko Technology, we offer full pre-staging services. Nodes can be configured and soak tested to your specification, including software downloads. Up to 100G technology. This service includes deployment, upon request.


Your platform is not performing to its optimal level? You may not be a hardware fault! There are many reasons that can explain it such as corrupt software, incorrect configuration, overheating... At Ghekko Technology, we are here to assist with these bumps on the road and keep your networks up and running. We offer maintenance services on current and legacy hardware. This includes:
- Software maintenance
- Component level repair
- 15 days lead time
- Logistics internally managed


Retiring redundant nodes? Looking to optimise your rack space? Please contact us. Being an independent supplier, the buyback of obsolete network elements and component is key to our stock for resale and repair department.

Refurbished equipment

One of our strengths is refurbishing high-level telecommunications hardware. Our OEM trained engineers have extensive knowledge of the products and technologies.
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